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After becoming a mama, it feels like you are consumed by just that, being a mama.

People who used to call you by your name, now call you “mama”.

You may no longer have time to take a shower, fix your hair, eat, or sleep.

I sent this to my husband while nursing. Sometimes it felt like that is all I did.

Suddenly, you might feel an uncontrollable urge to smell your child’s head when you didn’t understand that need before.

You may find yourself crying when your child cries in those first weeks because you’re exhausted and don’t know why they are crying (please talk to your doctor if your crying persists.)

You may have an entirely new perspective when reading the news or watching movies.

None of this may happen to you when you become a mama, or all of this and much more may change you.

I never thought when I became a mom I would start looking into literally every ingredient and every product in my home.

I never thought a lot of things like:

Babies don’t always want to eat, despite what some people will tell you. They do actually like to sleep sometimes.

Babies can also handle a lot more things than we think they can.

Sometimes it’s okay if a baby cries.

I can’t protect her from everything.

After becoming a mama, going out may be more difficult while having the urge to go literally anywhere.

You will probably still do the same things as before, but maybe with less frequency, like watching movies with your husband or cooking more elaborate meals.

Maybe you sit inside because you don’t know how to leave, or maybe you take morning walks every day and point out birds and flowers to your baby.

You may be so tired and want to sleep with every fiber of your being, but also hate the thought that as you sleep, you are missing watching your baby grow.

Night may also bring fear as you realize, you can’t keep your baby breathing, only Jesus can.

Your worst fears from the past are different or just heightened.

You may value yourself more because no one could take care of your baby like you can. You may value your husband more for a myriad of reasons and just because he is your husband.

There are so many changes after becoming a mama, physically, mentally spiritually. Even with all the changes, no woman goes through the same exact thing as another woman.

Becoming a mama is a unique situation, and it changes women for the good and the bad. it makes you a woman while also reverting you to a feeling of helplessness again.

After becoming a mama, I became closer to Jesus. I grew closer to my husband. After becoming a mama, I stayed the same, and I changed completely.

How did you change after becoming a mama?

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